Litigation & Dispute Resolution

At MM & Co. our Litigation and Dispute Resolution department has represented a wide range of Israeli and international clients, in front of all courts and tribunals remarkable success.


Our skilled and determined litigation attorneys have accumulated infinite hours of experience representing our clients before the various legal instances. Such wealth of experience coupled with a profound knowledge of both legal procedures and the various fields of representation, ensure we are the partner our clients want at their side through all legal dealings.


Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution department dedicate itself completely to recognizing and understanding the individual and changing needs of our clients and taking a creative approach towards solving their various conflicts.

We represent our clients before all legal instances including Israeli courts, domestic and
international arbitration tribunals, agencies and quasi-judicial authorities, in particular
 arbitration and mediation institutes.


Our experience is irreplaceable and enables us to provide our clients with the best legal
 representation while accompanying them every step of the way. At MM & Co. we make sure
 the solution serves our client’s interests in the best possible manner.

The department represents clients in matters pertaining to civil, commercial and administrative law, these include:

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