Corporate & Licensing

Whether you already own companies or not, we are able to help you understand the best global business structure according to your profile and target markets. Our team is highly experienced in cross-border transactions and the global structuring and restructuring of companies. 

We have a network of global representatives which we have been developing for years. This network provides us with the variety and the agility our clients need in order to set up their businesses quickly and to make immediate changes and modifications when required. 

Our global regulatory understanding enables us to give our clients a full picture of what’s going on in the world and what’s the next best jurisdiction.

Commercial legal services are at the core of our business, and we work hard in order to provide each of our clients legal and strategic consultation tailor-made for their operations, business targets and future, and development plans.

Some of the most sought after services our commercial lawyers' offer are:

Our commercial lawyers offer you

International and domestic structuring and incorporation of companies, including in offshore jurisdictions, the EU, Asia, Oceania, South, Central, and North America and others).

Consultations and hands-on assistance with commercial and corporate negotiations.

Representation in Mergers and Acquisitions, Investments, and complex and cross-border transactions.

Drafting, advising and negotiating a variety of commercial contracts and agreements required for the operations of our clients’ businesses, These include joint venture and partnering agreements, client agreements, outsourcing agreements, distribution contracts, licensing agreements, franchise agreements, media and marketing agreements, software agreements, employment, consultants and subcontractor agreements, etc.

Consultation and practical assistance with regulatory matters worldwide.


Consultation and representation in intellectual property matters.


Our firm focuses on helping you maintain your existing relationships, form new alliances, and work with clients to expand into new markets. We aim to combine our knowledge in the fields of litigation, international banking and finance, and regulations and taxes, to offer a full suite of legal solutions to our clients.

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